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ECG electrodes

Electrocardiogram tests require that the received ECG signals are of excellent quality. The SORIMEX heart+ electrodes for standard and specialist tests ensure that quality.

Browse our portfolio of ECG electrodes and find the best match for the individual needs of patients and medical staff.

We offer heart+ ECG electrodes:

Pediatric and neonatal

Monitoring and diagnostics

Holter and cardiac stress tests

Electrodes for "special tasks"

You can choose the electrodes shape and size, depending on its placement and application.



Find out more about OEM electrode possibilities 

Learn more about the excellent adhesion, gel and base material of our ECG electrodes – find out what you get.

Electrocardiogram tests should be planned down to the smallest detail in order to guarantee reliable results. Even the smallest error can result in a measurement disruption, and that's why it is important to properly match the electrodes to a specific type of test. Wondering what electrode do you need? Check our knowledge base!

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