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Medical cable construction and properties

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  • produced with European components     
  • our attention to details certifies the highest quality of measurement
  • controlled at each production phase

built-in resistors prevent the cable and the apparatus from damage


color-marked plugs, clamp and latch allow for easy identification


made only of materials approved for contact with the skin of the patient


pins in the plugs are gold-plated which ensure constant voltage


shielded cables made of low noise materials


flat surface makes cleaning easy

Precision and durability

  • quality and durability of our products are a result of 25 years' experience


  • the safe leadwire sockets prevent from unintentional plugging into the electricity sourc
  • the isolated banana plugs ensure the safety of the patient
  • the additional surge suppressor protects the cable and the apparatus during defibrillation and prevents the patient from being electrocuted


  • flexible, elastic and light cables ensure the patients' greater comfort
  • clips prevent entangling, thus simplify using
  • readable label placed on cable connector show correct location of each lead

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